Performing Arts

TV Commercial Acting 
Kids & Teens -101  
Thurs: Next session- summer 
12:45-1:45 pm or 3:30-4:45

Fee:  $65 - 4 sessions

Students will learn performance techniques through acting exercises, commercial and “cold" readings that will help prepare for auditions. Students will practice auditioning techniques and using Hollywood type scripts!

Kids Are Stars Too! Performing Arts Workshops has a variety of fun and exciting classes that introduce students to careers in the arts and entertainment. 

These hands-on workshops are taught by professionals working in the television and film industry who enjoy sharing their expertise to kids and teens (ages 6 & up) classes meet once a week.
Music Video Production 
​Date: TBA (Summer)
1:00-2:30 pm  
3:30-4:30 pm 

Fee : $110 - 6 sessions

If you always wanted to learn how R & B, rock, and gospel music videos are made, well this is the workshop for you! Gear up for this exciting learning experience and produce and videotape your own music video, right in class! Study on camera techniques, angles and story board designs.

Face Painting Just For Kids
Friday: Ongoing

Fee:  $45 - 4 sessions (Kit Fee $15)

Learn fun and exciting ways to play with colorful make-up. Student will be introduced to supplies and materials needed for face painting art and learn techniques while using their imagination and design to create their own fun faces. See amazing airbrush makeup face designs. Student will receive a makeup kit provided by the instructor. Please bring wash cloth and a desk top mirror for class participation.

On- Camera -Entertainment Reporting-Teens
Date: TBA  (Summer)

Fee:  $95 - 4 sessions 

From the red carpet of your favorite teen show to making your prom night a "you tube" highlight, you will learn how to be "all smiles and business " in front of the camera. This hands-on workshop will introduce the on-camera techniques of interviews and presentation for entertainment news!

Acting, Arts & TV Production  
TV Acting-Scene Study
 Kids & Teens 

Fee: $75 - 6 sessions

This class will teach students on camera presence. Each student will use various acting techniques and moment exercises, scene-study while rehearsing with partner(s). This will assist student with his/her imagination and character development.  

Art of Airbrush for Kids
Friday: Ongoing

Fee:  $75 - 4 sessions

In this amazing and exciting seminar discover the high speed way to apply fun and exciting character makeup and tattoos for stage with an 'Airbrush'. Airbrush is a state-of-the-art tool used by today's professional artist. 

Learn creative ways to accentuate your performance for stage plays, Halloween events or musicals. Students participate in hand on exercises and have an opportunity to wear home the in-class creations.

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