To assure that each Party Guest receive adequate services, we recommend the following hourly packages:  (travel fee may apply) based on mile radius.   

Celebrity Spot Light I 
Airbrush Tattoos and Face Painting 
Little Super Heroes & Princess for girls and boys...2 hour min.  

$105.00 Per Hr. (25 children limit) 

Celebrity Spot Light II
Unlimited Guest Pack (3 hour min) Includes airbrush faces, temporary tattoos and glitter tattoos.  Holiday Special 1/2 Hour FREE with Reservation. 

​$99.00 Per Hr. (Unlimited Guest)

Book 4 hrs &  receive UNLIMITED​ CHILDREN PACK. 

Halloween Faces
 (additional cost for face/body hair, face piece)

Adults $65 & Up

Kids $35 & Up

Add $20

Add $50

Glitz Glitter & Glam:  Be the talk of the town with cool Airbrush Eye-Shadow, Temporary Glitter Tattoos, Teen Make-Overs & Fantasy Faces.
Up to 25  guest (2 hour min) $110

Hair FX $105.00
per hour (Great for Crazy Hair Day)
see Hair FX variety

Prices are subject to change for 
Party Upgrades, Theme Parks, 
Mall Events, Corporate and Holiday 
Party Service rates may vary.  
Four (4) hour minimum for 
Corporate Events.     *PLEASE CALL FOR A QUOTE.

Travel 20 mile radius
Travel Fees
Travel 60 mile radius
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Clients & Recommendations
  • McDonald's                    
  • Race For The Cure
  • Warner Bros   
  • ABC-TV  
  • Promenade  & Forest City Mall  
  • Mulligans
  • Ontario Mills Mall
  • Toys R Us  
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Theme Parks
  • CC & Company
  • Sarcoidosis Foundations
  • Make A Wish
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Give your guest a party favor they can wear home.  Something colorful and exciting that will make a great conversation piece that can last for days.

Face Painting   

Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos/Face Paints:  Tattoo paints may last for approximately 1 to 3 days, depending on skin type and maintenance.  Make-ups used are hypo-allergenic, durable and remove easily with cold cream, soap and water or baby wipes. 

Colorful Hair Effects (FX):  May stay in the hair for 1 to 2 weeks depending on hair type and maintenance.  To keep longer use holding spray and Do Not comb or brush through.  To remove shampoo and rinse.

Colorful Party Braids Extensions: Our Party Braids Extensions come in a variety of beautiful colors.  The 100% Kanekalon Hair. (Non-flammable)  These Braids may stay in the hair for 1 to 3 weeks depending on hair type and maintenance.  Hair may be shampooed, use care and keep braids extensions straight while washing or conditioning to avoid locks.  To remove, unravel each single-braid from natural hair, remove hair extension of braided hair, comb out natural hair,  now you are ready to shampoo your hair.  

Waterproof  Body Art & Glitter Tattoos

Alcohol based paints may last for 3 to 5 days depending on skin type and maintenance and can be removed with alcohol or baby oil (never use alcohol near the eyes)You should not apply alcohol,  oils or lotions to your waterproof tattoos unless you are ready to remove it.

Glitter Tattoos: Glitter Tattoos are toxic free, waterproof and safe for the skin.  Your glitter tattoos may last up to 5 days depending on skin type and maintenance.  Glitter may become weak if subjected to prolonged time in water such as swimming or some activities. If this occurs, do not scrub or scratch area, just pat dry.  You should not apply alcohol based oils or lotion to your glitter area. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes before you scrub and then remove.  Use lotion to remove from the face.  
Again, DO NOT use alcohol near eyes.
Make-upMaintenance & Removal
Event Workshops: Learn Hands-On Beauty Make-Over Tips; Face Painting; Mask Making; or 3D-Special FX.  Kits are included and projects are for the Kids andTeens to keep.(2 hour minimum)  + Up to 25 children (Add $20 for each 
additional child) 
$125.00 per hour. 
  Airbrush Face * Crazy Hair Day * Tattoos
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Kids Are Stars Too! Offers

Airbrush  Makeup for Parties
Body Art & Glitter Tattoos &  Halloween monster makeups.

All temporary tattoos re-symbol the real ones and can be dazzling with body jewels, glitter and other special accents.

We have a wide range of hand painted and temporary tattoos.  

The makeup we use is hypo-allergenic, durable and remove easily.
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