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Airbrush Make-up Intro-
What Every Makeup Artist Should Know...  
(Full) 1:30-5:00  
Sat/Sun  Oct  21 -22   1:30-5:00 Fee  $85   Loc: IL                        
Every Artist Show Know...
In this 1-Day amazing and exciting seminar discover the high speed way to apply makeup with an 'Airbrush'.  Airbrush is a state-of-the-art tool used by today's professional make-up artist, spa technicians,aestheticians, face painters. Great skill to know and use for Halloween quick makeups. Topics Include:  Wedding Makeups, High Fashion Glamour, Creative,Covering skin discolorations & Tattoos, selecting equipment types.
LIMIED SEATING.  No Kit Airbrush needed. Location COD, Glen Ellyn, IL
$25 Registration Non-Refundable
ILLinois & California
IL Students  $74
Avante Garde/High Fashion Make-up Workshop

Sept 25-Oct 2
12:00-3:00 2-Days -$295
Location:  Illinois NWS
This class teaches over-the-top makeup designs for High Fashion, Haute Couture makeup which is one of the most creative and exciting areas of makeup artistry.  Includes Portfolio Photo-Shoot

  • Professional Cosmetics Use
  • Adding texture and emphasizing your creation
  • "Looks" for High Fashion  and Avante Garde Hair & Wardrobe


If you have always dreamed of becoming a professional makeup artist for stage, print, editorial, television or film; these hands-on makeup seminars and workshops are for you.

Makeup Workshops will be conducted by guest and staff instructors currently working in the entertainment industry.  Dates and times are subject to change.  Each student will receive a Certificate upon  completion of professional makeup workshop training.


Hair Construction I
2-Day Workshop$345
2 - Suns Nov 12 & 19 - 2:00-6:00
Includes:Hair variety contruction kit

This hands-on workshop teaches the creation and application of facial beards, mustaches and sideburns.

Topics Include:

  • Intro to Hair preparation for creation of beards, mustaches and sideburns
  • Character and creature build-ups with hair
  • Century and modern creations of facial hair
  • Removal and preservation of facial hair
Art of Special Makeup FX
2-Day Workshop     $375
2 - Sat    Sept 23 & 30    1:00-6:00
Includes:SPFX Makeup & Prosthetic

This workshop teaches techniques of creating and applying special makeup FX for Stage..  You will be confident when asked to create "on the spot"  effects like the Pros.

Topics Include:
  • Intro to products, materials and makeup used to create FX prosthetic pieces.
  • How create various injuries basic prosthetics
  • Application of prosthetics
  • How to create your own basic prosthetic appliances
With FX Kit & Reg Fee
Los Angeles & Temecula
Temecula & Ontario
Temecula & Los Angeles
 Celebrity Makeup II-SPFX     Dates/Times : TBA
This is a more advanced level of special makeup.  Learn application of SPFX for feature films.  Techniques and skills learned in this class will prepare student for knowledge of SPFX used to promote the characterists of the actor for various action, crime scene and horror movie roles. Prerequisite SPFX-Intro

Topics Include:
  • How to create FX for film
  • Gun shot & stab wounds lacerations, various burns, skin conditions
  • Physical characteristics
  • Prosthetic piece & mask application/removal


Los Angeles, Ontario, Temecula
3-D Makeup FX-Intro
2-Day Workshop $189
FX Kit Included  
Mon - Oct 16 & 23.    1:30 to 4:30

Location: Illinois (NW Suburbs)

Learn in this 3-D Special Make-ups Effects Workshop how to apply injury simulations using prosthetic appliance and FX materials.  Students  will gain knowlege of various makeup effects, products adhesive, removers and their use. Great for the Makeup enthusiast, stage actor.  Good for  School Safety and Desater  Drill Simulations. Apply FX make-up on your family and friends during Halloween.  Bring desktop mirror, handheld blow dryer, hand towel baby wipes and cleansers to class.

$50 Registration Fee - Non Refundable
Special Makeup For 
H.S. Students
4-Day Workshop$595
2 Mons Nov 6 & 13 - 4:00-7:00
2 Suns  Nov 12 & 19 - 3:00-6:00
Includes:SPFX Makeup & Prosthetic

SPFX I/ii is a level of  makeup that teaches and expand student knowledge, techniques and application of various  FX used for TV/Film and Theme Parks. Great for Halloween & School Disaster Drills.

Topics Include:
  • How to create FX for TV
  • FX Kit Prep & Layout
  • Creating and applying  scars, scratches, bites, blisters, stitched wounds
  • Physical characteristics
  • Prosthetic piece & mask application/removal
  • How to create your own prosthetic appliances
Special FX Workshops
Haute Couture Makeup
Character  Makeup
Learn Prosthetic Appliance Makeup
Prepare High Fashion "Looks"
 For Your Portfolio
Some Class FX Kits 
by Teacher & Cinema Secrets
Art of Beauty Make-up
3-Day Workshop  -  $495
2 Mon -  Oct  2 & 16  12:00-4:00
1 Sun  - Oct  8  2:00-6:00
Includes Portfolio Photo Shoot  
​Location:  California
This hands-on make-up workshop is designed to teach all aspects of makeup for beauty, magazines Ads, television, video, film bridal and high fashion glamour.  Learn skills to prep you for becoming a professional makeup artist.  Topics Include: 
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Kit & Portfolio Prep
  • Creating that "new look"
  • Exploring Beauty & Fashion
Make-up Workshops 
Beauty Basic Make-up for H.S. Students 
1-Sat  Oct 15.    3:45 -5:45      $75 
Location: IL


This 1-day hands-on workshop emphasizes on make-up application techniques for day and evening wear for Prom.  Learn use of products, brushes and how to cover acne and other skin discolorations.  Traditional and airbrush make-up application will be demonstrated.   To participate, please desk top mirror and your cosmetic bag to class.  Optional:  ($25 Fee) (only) if student need to have make-up kit  provided. 
Amazing Eyes & Lips Art
Mon -  Oct 23
Location:  California or Illinois
1-Day - 3:00-7:00       $159 

Get! Ready for the next hair or makeup show 
This hands-on workshop focuses on how to accentuate the eyes & lips using airbrush techniques for glamour and exoctic looks.  Teaches the importance of what it takes to impact the eye area which draws the most attention while creating amazing lip art. Use of  lashes, brows and liners.  Please bring desk top mirror, airbrush kit to class or click below to rent an airbrush system.
Art of Airbrush Makeup
3-Day Workshop plus 
Sat  -    Oct 21          1:30-5:30
Sun -    Oct 22          1:30-5:30
Mon -    Oct 23          1:30-5:30
​Location:  Glenn Ellyn, IL
$475  Airbrush Kit Not Included

As seen on TV!  Make this the ultimate choice for pampering yourself with Airbrush Beauty techniques you can use at home. Expand your skills and learn increase profits as a makeup artist for Weddings; Salons; Hair Shows; Photography; Television and
Film Talent.  Please bring a desktop mirror to class.

Topics Include: 
  • How to spray own "flawless foundation"
  • Cover skin discolorations
  • Eye-brows, glamor and creative eyeshadow aps
  • High Fashion Glamour
  • Character with Textures
  • Airbrush Hair FX
$50 Registration Fee
W/Kit - Ontario, CA
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